Badass Leader Scorecard

Badass Leader Scorecard

Drag each slider to where it best fits you. Your score is tallied at the bottom.

Struggling: You know your strengths but you're a "bull in a china shop" and can leave a lot of collateral damage.
Striving: You use your strengths and sense what triggers the "bull." Sometimes, it's too late and you break things.
Conventional: You leverage your strengths and can rein in the "bull" in you.
Badass: You can leap tall business goals on your own but leap higher when you have the very best on your team. Your values are reflected in the strong bond with your team and your clients.
Struggling: You bite your tongue and sit things out. Frequently.
Striving: You speak up but not wholeheartedly. You equivocate. That annoys you.
Conventional: You’re direct and speak truth to power but believe discretion is the better part of valor.
Badass: You tell it like it is and speak truth to power as you face adversity and/or achieve your vision.
Struggling: You do everything by yourself. Why ruin things by inviting others and their opinions in?
Striving: You’re curious about how to invite others into your work but you don’t know how (and you are skeptical of their skills).
Conventional: You know the value of being on a team to hit goals but it takes a while for you to let people in.
Struggling: You can leap tall business goals on your own but leap higher when you have the very best on your team. Your values are reflected in the strong bond with your team and your clients.
Struggling: You thrive in process and routine.
Striving: The “same old, same old” is making you bored and restless. You’re seeking new creative challenges and opportunities.
Conventional: You mix it up a little bit: a little routine and a little challenge. You let opportunity come to you.
Badass: You always figure it the flip out. You live for challenges and puzzles. You love using wit and creativity to see opportunity no matter what.
Struggling: You believe not having all the answers makes you look weak. You lack confidence and your self-doubt is blocking you.
Striving: You are insecure not having all the answers. You sometimes ask for help and are trying to get better at it. Your self-doubt clouds your vision.
Conventional: You don’t have all the answers and know it’s easier to ask for help even if it’s hard to accept. You know your self-doubt triggers.
Badass: You’re honest about what you don’t know. You channel the best resources from your team/peers to hit your goals. You’re bold, courageous and don’t count yourself out even when you feel insecure.
Struggling: You don’t control your speed nor do you have a vision in mind. You break things and appear willfully destructive. You can be abrasive.
Striving: You want what you want when you want it. You're on a mission and don’t take time to engage and enroll others.
Conventional: You gain velocity and you generate excitement as you clearly describe your vision to your team and clients.
Badass: You’re at full velocity: a norm challenging visionary, disruptor and pattern interruptor. All systems are "go" and your team is excited for the ride and shared vision.
Struggling: Cold hard facts and your brain are all you need. Ever.
Striving: You’re noticing “coincidence” and hungry to leverage it as you evaluate opportunity.
Conventional: You’re better able to balance smarts with your “sixth sense” as you evaluate new opportunity.
Badass: Your intuition is your secret weapon and when coupled with hard data, no one can stop you.

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