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Fear. We all experience it. Occasionally, fear gets the better of us. Naturally, we look upon it with an unkind eye but we should rethink that.

In business, it is possible to be afraid of any number of things: failure, success, growth, making mistakes, rejection, the unknown, change, etc. Fear can be crippling if we are not careful. At Sixense, we believe it can be a useful, motivating ally. Truly.

In this post, we talked about how ego kills empathy in business and the role that bias plays in that. In many cases, our fear creates the bias that muddles how we evaluate opportunity and make decisions. After all, an excess of bias (and ego) leaves no room for objectivity and understanding of our customers’ wants and needs. And, consequently, the excess of bias make it hard for us to see how much fear can impact our bottom line.

We don’t have to like it. Recall that we describe it as an ally and not as a BFF. The point is to recognize it, embrace it and turn its potential for negative into something positive. And, it absolutely can be turned into something positive but how do you begin?

You just do. Often times, it’s that very first step that’s the hardest. In other words, you step forward in spite of what you are most fearful and you decide to use it as motivator. Case in point: when Sixense launched in early February 2017, we had no notion of what the reception would be but we pushed forth regardless because we knew positive movement would bring positive movement.

It also helps to remember your superpower when fear appears to be looming in the background. Remembering your unique value proposition – that impactful, easy to understand statement that explains why your business stands apart from your competition – is a major weapon in your arsenal. It’s easy to use fear as a motivator when you use your superpower as your platform and your foundation.

Take a deep breath, cross your fingers and take the plunge. You’ll enjoy the ride.

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