This is a very old cartoon, originally about project management, but it applies to how well oiled your business machine is. It never fails to amuse mainly because we’ve all lived it. But, it also never fails to be painful because we’ve all lived it.

In this post, we talked about the Lean Canvas Model and the important relationship between Product and Market. They balance one another out which makes for better, efficient and objective decision-making. Product and Market are like yin-yang and trouble follows when there is no balance. The cartoon very much brings this point to life.

It’s one thing to chuckle at it but yet it’s another thing to know how to avoid it. We believe using our Sixense Empathy Model™ helps avoid situations depicted above. It’s an approach that addresses where breakdowns can occur whether developing your business plan or just focusing on a part of your business. We work with clients using each step of the model to create and reinforce that Product and Market yin-yang.

Ego Kills Empathy

Our Sixense Empathy Model has turned empathy into an acronym. In the first step (our E in the model), we address the baseline problem that all businesses have: ego kills empathy. This means that in business, we let biases cloud our decision making. Business biases are kind of like an absolute “father/mother knows best” approach – no room for new information or a new way of viewing things. And no room for really understanding what our customers want or need.

Sixense believes in empathy which means to engage with someone from a place of understanding. When business ego is in place over business empathy, there is no understanding. Ego in business means there is no peripheral vision and we are inwardly focused. What we want to be true ignores what is actually true for our customers. What we need ignores what our customers need.

When we ignore customer truths and needs, breakdowns occur. Our customer is the center of your universe. What our customer needs is precisely what we must strive to deliver. Business biases can either result in not understanding our customers or targeting the wrong customers. Either option can result in an expensive mistake. The Sixense Empathy Model is a powerful tool in anyone’s business arsenal to help avoid this mistake.

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