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The Power of U is your Unique Value Proposition. It is an impactful, easy to understand statement that explains why your business stands apart from your competition. The best (and correct) ones are written from the vantage point of the customer. In other words, your customer’s agenda comes first, not your business’ agenda.

But, it’s not lip service. Your Unique Value Proposition can make or break your business’ ability to break through the clutter and the noise. However, it is also something easily disproven if you really don’t understand your customer and don’t actually have the right products that help. In other words, you must walk your talk. Businesses must think with a customer first perspective if they hope to stay in business. This article about Amazon really underscores this point including this quote from Jeff Bezos:

“Our customers are loyal to us right up until the second somebody offers them a better service”

How do I write one?

This actually isn’t as hard as it may look. A Unique Value Proposition has three parts: stating customer needs, sharing the solution that uniquely meets these needs and demonstrating why it matters. We have already covered the elements to include in a good Unique Value Proposition in this post and podcast, so you’re already further along than you realize. In this case, we are including:

  • What your customer’s specific needs are (and their urgency).
  • Which of your products is the best solution for your customer’s needs.
  • Why your product is better than the rest at meeting those needs.

Each of these (What, Which and Why) must be written from the vantage point of the customer and must have a basis in fact. It doesn’t matter that you believe you are the best. That, as the Jeff Bezos quote says above, will not move someone to buy from you. Your product must demonstrate that you come from a place of understanding customer needs. Your product is proof that you empathize with your customer which is why you are superior to your competitors. So, the construction of the Unique Value Proposition is the walking of the talk that makes a customer stay and not stray.

Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day so it may take a few tries to write one that feels good to you and is consistent with the experience your customers have with you. For some, it can be hard but don’t give up! If it really gets frustrating, there are many writers and editors that can help you crack this nut.

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