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Ever see one of these before? I’m sure some of you have. But, for others, this is the Lean Canvas Model and was developed by Ash Maurya. It’s a great tool for startups and businesses looking to take a fresh, objective look at their business strategy which is what we like to do at Sixense Strategy.

You already know about our Sixense Empathy Model™ that we use as our approach for working with clients. That is what we would describe as the “how” and the Lean Canvas pictured above is what we’d describe as the “what” we do when it comes to delivering strategy advisory services. Imagine the Sixense Empathy Model as the overlay to the disciplined business fundamentals that the Lean Canvas Model provides.

Why do we like Lean Canvas Model so much?

Well, it’s rather like paint by numbers and you can make it as complex or as simple as you’d like. In the version presented to you here, you see a straight line going down the middle. The left side addresses “Product” which is a general term. It essentially refers to the customer problem a business solves, all of the business’ offerings in the solution as well as the metrics and costs associated with the business.

The right side of the canvas addresses “Market” which represents who the business serves serves as well as how its channels. It also includes all revenue streams. The Unique Value Proposition straddles both Product and Market because it is relevant to both and is the glue that holds a business together. 

It’s great because it keeps you objective (something we love), honest and does a great job of making you see the relationships between the “Product” and “Market” parts of your business. Also, you make better decisions. For example, Channels refer to the sales and marketing strategies you utilize but both of those impact Customer Acquisition and Distribution Costs. Consequently, it makes the manager consider the most efficient way to generate leads and close sales while respecting the value proposition, customer needs, etc.

We’ll let you in on a secret.

In our case study, we used the Lean Canvas as the underpinning of our work with our client. It really allowed our client to see the entirety of his business as it stood at the beginning of the engagement while also allowing us to construct (with him) the plan to achieve the revenue growth goals that he set for himself.

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